Immerse Your Learners in a 360 VR Experience

What if your boss or client asked you to:

  • Provide remote new hires across the country with an immersive, “corporate headquarters” onboarding experience?

  • Train emergency responders how to triage and treat a variety of patients at a mass-casualty event?

  • Teach Safety Managers to conduct effective inspections in multiple job site environments?

When you need to create a realistic environment that can’t be easily or affordably replicated in a classroom, consider the (relatively) new world of 360 VR experiences. Virtual reality in the training world was once limited to highly technical applications, such as aviation, and required working long hours with a specialized developer to build a virtual environment from scratch. In recent years, a variety of development tools have launched enabling instructional designers to create truly immersive training in a realistic environment using 360 video and images.

Let’s take a closer look at the challenges associated with the cases above.

Remote New Hire Training

It’s not always feasible or cost-effective to fly in remote teams for classroom training. By creating a virtual, interactive 360 experience at corporate headquarters, you can enable new team members to meet and interact with various executive staff as they learn about the corporate culture and initiatives. They can visit with an HR representative to review policies and how to complete required documentation. They can even visit the corporate breakroom and talk to peers about their experiences with the company.

Emergency Responder Training

There’s no question that immersing emergency responders in a realistic environment is the most effective way to prepare them for a mass-casualty crisis. But a training event of this scale, with multiple actors, realistic makeup, and props, is not feasible to recreate for every round of trainees. An effective 360 training experience can expose learners to the urgency of triaging multiple patients in a chaotic environment. They can also repeat the experience to benefit from their mistakes and perfect their decision-making skills whenever and wherever is most convenient using their mobile devices.

Job Site Inspections

Worksite conditions, employee behaviors, and environmental situations can vary greatly from job to job. Ride-alongs and shadowing are great training tools, but you can’t be sure that Safety Managers will be exposed to the most critical inspection issues. And just as with emergency responder training, it’s not realistic to repeatedly set up complicated training scenes for every trainee. A 360 experience allows you to place Safety Managers in a variety of job site scenes that demonstrate exactly where to focus their attention. Plus, they can interact and practice in a safe environment to maximize retention.

So, how are you using 360 VR? Which 360 camera are you using? Want to know which one we think is the best?

If you’re an ID in the Memphis area, join us on Tuesday, October 2nd at Novel Bookstore for our first Instructional Design Exchange Association (IDEA) meeting. We’ll be sharing our best practices and want to hear yours as well. Have you used a new tool or technology lately? Come tell us about it and learn what your peers are up to!

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