4 Ways to Use Virtual Reality for Recruitment

Since unemployment rates dropped to all-time lows, it’s become more challenging than ever to stand out

in today’s competitive job market. More and more, companies are looking for innovative ways to be seen among the hundreds of job ads posting for the same positions.

So how do you stand out from your competition? Virtual Reality!

Let’s take a closer look at how you can incorporate VR to maximize your recruiting efforts.

Job Preview

If you have hard-to-fill positions or see a constant stream of new hires vacating the position within the first few weeks on the job, simulating a day-in-the-life type job preview will help you place individuals who have a firm understanding of what the job entails. While this technique does not guarantee it will be easier to fill these positions, it will make sure you are placing better suited employees in the right position.

Assess Skills and Knowledge

Pre-employment tests to identify problem-solving and critical thinking skills have been used in the US since the late 1800s. Many of these assessments are a series of multiple-choice questions that help employers understand the personality, communication styles, and preferences of the candidates applying for the position. What if you were trying to hire warehouse staff and one of the job requirements was the ability to operate a specific forklift? Using a VR simulation, you would be able to easily weed out those who know how to use the equipment properly versus those who do not. In 2017, Jaguar was hiring for IT engineers and used a virtual reality game on the web to help identify strong candidates for the position. The game tested problem-solving skills and each high-scoring player received invitations to interview for a position.

Preview of Company Culture

Making sure the candidate is a good fit means helping them recognize the type of environment they will be working in. For example, creative and extroverted candidates may not appreciate an office setting with high office walls where you could hear a pin drop from a desk across the room. And, the focused, structured type may not work well in an open and casual environment. Creating a simulation that allows potential candidates to experience company culture before accepting a position, similar to the job preview, is just another way to make sure you have hired the right employee for the position and company.

Engage at Career Fairs

These events are often packed, and companies are doing everything they can to stand out from other employers. For years, the contest has been to see who has the best swag for candidates. If you have a virtual job preview or company intro, show it at job fairs to differentiate your company. Many devices now screencast onto a smart TV, so you can have one candidate going through the experience, while passersby can see the experience on the screen.

With the vast competition to get the best and brightest employees in a job market favoring candidates, one of the best ways to be seen as an innovative leader is to incorporate VR into your recruiting strategy.

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