Engage Them and They Will Come

The YouTube generation has heavily influenced viewer engagement strategies and our messages must be communicated both subtly and quickly. Let’s take a look at how you can effectively incorporate video, interaction, and gamification into your next media push to boost engagement and drive enrollment.

Video and Interaction

Depending on how you use it, video can either make or break your viewer engagement. For this generation, a series of flat, repetitive testimonial videos is about as appealing as watching paint dry; however, immersive, interactive 360-degree video experiences are a different story. Viewers feel like they are standing in the scene and enjoy the freedom of exploring. Plus, when you layer in interactive elements such us images, text, and supplemental video clips, they stay longer and engage with more of your content. They also remember more of what they learned about your school. Virtual tours have been around for a while, but what is new and compelling are the opportunities to create these more meaningful and trackable interactions. When potential students and parents aren’t allowed on campus, these elements are critical to driving interest and conveying your Call to Action.

Animation is another effective video strategy. Be honest. Is your financial aid presentation a lengthy, bulleted PowerPoint? What if you broke it up into a series of animated segments that students and parents could view at their convenience and easily return to if they have a question? Animation can also be used as an effective interactive element in a 360-degree experience.


To really connect with this younger generation, you absolutely need gamification. Whether you are hosting a virtual tour, open house, or orientation, include a way to win points. The cool thing about doing this virtually is that you can engage even the most introverted audiences. They may even go through your experience multiple times to see if they can earn more points. And you’ll be able to track their interactions and how many times they played. While it may seem like all fun and games, if you have used the right elements in building the gamification, your viewers will have imparted valuable insights into their likes and goals. This information can be used to customize and target your marketing efforts.

If you’re looking to increase your enrollment numbers, evaluate the way you are connecting with your target audience. Students are unimpressed with flat, text-filled websites. They want something new and engaging. Are you ready to deliver?

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